Acana Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Acana Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – Acana dog food reviews may help you consider this brand before buying the dog food for your beloved dog. Arcana is one of the most popular brand of dog food. It is designed in accordance with a whole prey philosophy of pet nutrition.
acana dog food reviews

Acana Dog Food Brand Overview

Arcana dog food is from Canada and produced by Champion Petfoods, one of the Canadian company. It is an independent pet food manufacturer that has already run for 25 years. Champions Petfoods is identic with their product of dog food not only Acana but also Orijen. Champion Petfoods believe that the Acana dog food ingredients suits to the modern dogs. It is built around a very high meat content, a broad range of top-end vegetables, fruits and herbs and zero cereals.

It has ratings more than 4.5 out of 5 even some of the product is five star ratings. Many dog owner satisfied with this product. Some of them said that the balance of the protein is suit for their dog and makes the fur softer. The others said that it is suitable for their dog who has sensitive tummy.

For the ingredients, Arcana focuses on two things which are biologically appropriate and fresh regional ingredients. The concept of biologically appropriate is mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that nature evolved dogs and cats to eat. It follows five rules which are rich in meat and protein, high fresh meat inclusions, an abundant variety of fresh meats, Wholeprey meat ratios, and carbohydrate and glycemic limited.

For the fresh regional ingredients, it mirrors the natural diet, supplying nutrients in their freshest, and the most natural form. All the fresh ingredients are raised locally. It consists of five ingredients which are heritage red meats, free-run poultry and eggs, wild and sustainably caught fish, whole fruit and vegetables, and locally grown botanicals. However, there is a suspicious ingredient which is Enterococcus faecium. It is a bacteria which is used as a probiotic in some foods.

Acana Dog Food Prices

For getting this product, you can purchase it online or you can buy in the nearest pet shop in your area. Acana dog food prices is around $16-$64. It is based on the needs of your dog. You may buy the cheap one or the expensive one based on your need.

acana dog food recalls history

Acana Dog Food Recommended Variants

There are four variants of Acana dog food that are Classics, Heritage, Regionals, and Singles.

  1. Classic variant

It consists of 50% meat, rich in protein and has low glycemic oats. It features fresh free-run chicken, turkey and eggs from local prairie farms.

  1. Heritage

It consists of 60%-75% meat which is also protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited.

  1. Regionals

It consists of 70% meat and also protein-rich and carbohydrate-limited. It contains free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fresh and saltwater fish and fresh heritage red meats.

  1. Single

The last one, Single consists of 50% meat from grass-fed lamb, free-run duck, Yorkshire pork, or wild-caught Pacific pilchard.

Acana Dog Food Pros and Cons

Just like other products, Arcana also has some pros and cons.


  1. High quality protein sources used
  2. The first ingredient is salmon
  3. The first five ingredients include in high quality protein sources


  1. High price
  2. There is a suspicious ingredient

Acana Dog Food Recalls History

The Arcana dog food recall history, it does not outsource the production of their products. The company, Champion Petfoods has several manufacturing facilities that produces Acana products. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they are not affected by a single recall.

The Verdict

Many of the dog owner very concerns with their dog and they want the best nutrition for their dog. Therefore, Acana dog food can be a good choice for them in choosing the good dog food for their beloved dog. As mentioned before that it concerns in biologically appropriate and fresh regional ingredients so that it is good for your dog health.

Since there is a lot of brand that offers dog food, the dog owner may confuse in choosing the good food for their dog. Based on this review, it can be concluded that Acana dog food is already used by a lot of dog owner and they are satisfied with it. Therefore, you can consider and decide your choice after reading this Acana dog food reviews.

Acana Dog Food Recalls History
Acana Dog Food Recalls History
Acana Dog Food Reviews
Acana Dog Food Reviews

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