Avoderm Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Avoderm Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – A long list of great avoderm dog food reviews will pop up in your search engine. Especially for the long and thick coated dogs, this brand is popular. Raising the plant-based ingredients balanced with the meat protein makes a premium quality dog food. Each year, this brands gain more popularity and thumbs up from many dog owners.

Avoderm Dog Food Recalls

Avoderm Dog Food Brand Overview

Avoderm brand belongs to Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods, taking the main factory in Irwindale, California. The first product was frozen food, as the new variation, released to the market in 1947. The kibbles and biscuits, or more popular as oven-baked product, were launched in 1960. Since the beginning of the business, this brand chooses to use only natural ingredients. To be exact, the manufacturer infuses the benefits of avocado in its cat and dog product.

Avoderm doesn’t always walk in a smooth way during its years. Back in 2010 and 2012, many negative comments appear. Some dog owners highlight how the products may not include all the nutrients mentioned in the package. It could be seen from the symptoms: binge eating, diarrhea, and weight loss. Recently, the manufacturer recovers form the big hit and brings up better product for the canines.

Avoderm Dog Food Ingredients

The experts in the company pay a careful thought in selecting the following avoderm dog food ingredients, which later placing it above the average products.

  1. Chicken Meal

It is different from chicken meat as this one is the concentrate. Chicken meal contains three times higher protein than the fresh product.

  1. Ground Brown Rice and Ground White Rice

These ingredients belong to rice flour group. It is considered as the natural alternative for wheat flour, with no gluten included.

  1. Avocado

People acknowledge its function for hair and skin treatment, not only for human but also for pets. However, some people are alarmed by the possibility of toxin substance in it.

Avoderm Dog Food Controversial Ingredients

Among the excellent ingredients added, this brand is known to use controversial ingredients as well, including:

  1. Flaxseed

It contains Omega 3 and fatty acids, the nutrients that usually can be found in marine based product. Besides, flaxseed also has 19% protein content, which may add up the original protein amount in the product.

  1. Alfalfa Meal

This ingredients are the high source of protein, and also include 25% of fiber. It is commonly found in horse food product.

Avoderm Dog Food Prices

This brand offers products in relatively affordable rate. Take a look at these avoderm dog food prices before you buy one. It will help you to estimate te overall cost.

  1. Avoderm Natural Chiecken Meal and Brown Rice Formula

This product is made for adult dog. Buy it for $40, and you will get the 30 pounds package.

  1. Avoderm Natural Grain Free Formula Dog Food

For those who can’t consume grain product, the $40 items could be a choice. You will get the 30 pound pack.

Avoderm Dog Food Reviews

Avoderm Dog Food Recommended Variants

If you want to try one of its products, try the following variants:

  1. Canned Turkey and Vegetable Stew

This product is the best can product Avoderm could offer. It balances the fiber from peas, potatoes and carrots with the protein from turkey. Very nutritious treats for growing period.

  1. Natural Triple Protein Meal Formula

This is great for active dogs that need extra protein. It combines lamb, turkey and chicken meal in one product. Anti oxidants for body immune and avocado extract for healthy coat are added into the pack.

Avoderm Dog Food Pros and Cons


  1. This brand is including plant-based ingredients only, mixed with high protein components such as chicken or lamb meals.
  2. Include avocados, which is great for fur growth and maintenance. Your pet will have shiny and healthy coat.
  3. Easy to get, online and in stores. You can see that almost all big online markets has this product in stock. If you like to visit pet shop instead, the store locator in the website could help you.


  1. The dog product for senior dogs is questionable, because it includes the joint supplements in 10th
  2. For those who don’t know much about avocado, its pits and skin contains certain toxic that may lead to food poisoning.
  3. Excessive proteins might give you the reversed result from what you wish: healthier and happier dogs.

Avoderm Dog Food Recalls History

2012- The FDA suspects Salmonella contamination in one of Avoderm product: Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Formula. In response to this avoderm dog food recall, Breeder’s Choice informed a product recall, especially those with the following “best before” label: August 28, August 29 and August 30, 2013.

The Verdict

When buying the dog food product, the most important point is how well the product is made and what are the ingredients. Four-legged families with long coat need special nutrients not only for their body, but also for their fur. As long as the products fit these conditions, nothing could offer better. Avoderm products have the average of 4 stars reviews, so you could trust it.

Avocado is the mascot of this brand. Expect the extract in every pack of dog feeding you purchase. A solid and strong reason validate the use of these ingredients: it helps with fur problems. Yes, some parts of avocado are poisonous, and those parts are not processed by the manufacturers. No need to worry, you can just buy one and prepare to type your avoderm dog food reviews. Leave a thumb up!

Avoderm Dog Food Reviews
Avoderm Dog Food Reviews
Avoderm Dog Food Recalls
Avoderm Dog Food Recalls

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