Dog Irritated Skin Home Remedy

Dog Irritated Skin Home Remedy – Dogs can suffer from skin problems associated with allergic reactions, skin diseases or wounds. We recommend the use of a “complete healing system” to provide deep healing for sore or irritated skin.

dog irritated skin home remedy

This Dog Irritated Skin Home Remedy system is as follows:

Your dog should be shampooed with an anti-itch shampoo to cleanse and soothe the affected area and to prevent the spread of skin disease through bacterial infection. To start the healing process, it is vital that the scab or flaking skin be gently removed by using a medicated cleansing product. Trimming the hair from around the area allows the medication to reach the skin.

Dog Irritated Skin Home Remedy

Watch for the formation of new tissue which will appear shiny and pink in color. This is an indication that the healing process is well under way. However, as the skin begins to heal, itching will increase. Use a skin relief spray to stop the itching and pain so that the delicate new tissue is not damaged by scratching.

Continue to promote deep healing with the use of hydrocortisone cream containing aloe vera and vitamins B and E which soothes and nourishes the healing skin.