Earthborn Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Earthborn Dog Food Reviews

Who does not know dog food branded Earthborn? This brand is produced by Midwestern Pet Food, Inc. They are based in Evansville, Indiana. This company is a company belonging to the 4th generation. Earthborn makes environmentally friendly dog ​​and cat foods, the concept is taken as the name implies. They promote their food as an environmentally friendly and earth-conscious food. The foods they make such as dog food include 10 kibbles-six of them will contain wheat, then five of the damp dinners. In this post we will talk more about Earthborn Dog Food Reviews 🙂

earthborn dog food reviews

Who Produces the Earthborn?

The parent company of Earthborn animal food, ProPac, Propac Ultimates and Sportmix is ​​Midwestern Pet Foods. The company was built in 1926. Originally the company was a subsidiary of Nunn Milinh Company, Inc. Dried food produced by Earthborn was made at the company of Monmouth, Illinois. The company has three factories that work well for producing cool food in the Midwest, then for canned dog food produced by human class facilities by USPet Nutrition, a division of Chicken of the sea

Earthborn Dog Food Recalls 2017

The animal foods they make have never been withdrawn from circulation

Earthborn Dog Food Ingredients

There are two kibble product lines owned by Earthborn Holistic. The first line is their “Natural” line. In this food content does not have corn, wheat, or soybeans. The ingredients used are all free of ethoxin. Midwestern Pet Foods said that “the source of the material we use is US troops, planted and produced in the US unless there is sheep food originating from Australia or from New Zealand then for flaxseed taken from Canada” for the natural product section they tend to use Chicken and whitefish meal. Grains include oatmeal, barley, and rye flour. For the source of carbohydrates obtained from potatoes and sweet potatoes.

For mature dog food in the natural product section using chicken food. Adult dog itefish meal, a puppy formula, and a formula for small breeds. The formula used for adult dogs uses 22 percent crude protein and 12 raw fat proteins. Then the ratio of phosphorus is 1.30; 1.10 percent. Food in this production has 445 calories. Then this product uses the same protein and grains as food for the natural product part.

Food for small breeds has 28 percent crude protein and 17 percent raw fat. It has 420 calories per cup. But the carbohydrate numbers given by the company nii are very high compared to the dog food should be.

For the free wheat cattle feed section there is tasty food. These foods are meat protein rich foods with 38 percent crude protein and 20 percent raw fat (their Primitive formula); There are foods based on herring that is 32/18, bison-based food is 34/18; Sheep-based foods are 26/15;

For a large breed formula that is 26/13; Then weight-making formula that is 25 percent crude protein, 7 percent crude fat, and crude fiber 9 percent. The calories per cup in this diet is 325. not only that.

Earthborn also has five drip-free granulated foods in the form of stews and sauces.

Most people nowadays love food based on the protein and fat presentations the food contains. When ni Earthborn Holistic is less well known in the US therefore we want to be known in the future.

There are five basic earthborn dog food ingredients in our food like :

  • turkey meal
  • chicken meal
  • potatoes
  • chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols)
  • whitefish meal

Dog food usually has turkey and chicken. It is dikarenan they can eat the food without any side effects such as allergies. But Earthborn food is different from dog food in general they use some types of fish for their protein source. They do not use poultry.

Turkey contains about 70 percent protein. Turkey is a good source of Riboflavin and phosphorus. There is also a source of selenium needed by the body. Food made from turkey has partially removed moisture so it is a form of turkey protein that is concentrated. Many people who are at other disputes about chicken food or better both for good food. Then chicken food has great moisture and fat removed so some protein from chicken. Chicken about 80 percent protein and fat 20 percent. It is a good source of vitamins B6 and Phosphorus, and the excellent source of Niacin and Selenium and omega-6 fatty acids.

Potatoes are the third foodstuff. This includes free wheat dog food but still contains less carbohydrates. For a dog’s nutritional point of view does not require carbohydrates but carbohydrates help dogs feel full faster during meal times. Carbohydrates also affect how quickly they help the dog digest its food. Potatoes are also good for most dogs but contain high carbohydrates. They contain 7 percent protein, 1 percent fat, and 92 percent carbohydrates. Some dog food companies use it for grain pegganti. For some dogs can have problems in allergies. They also have a relatively high trend of glycemic index.

The fourth ingredient is chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols). Chicken fat is high in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids that spend a lot of energy or are active and old dogs who have trouble holding their weight get a fix on their coding with chicken leeks in their diet.

The fifth food is whitefish meal. Whitefish meal is a term untu several types of white fish worm used for dog food.Whitefish is a protein about 61 percent and 39 percent fat.Is also a source of niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

The Earthborn seeds are primitive holistic propuritive natural fish foods containing nipple eggs and can boost protein in the diet. This food also has pomave tomato (source of fiber), blueberry fiber and cranberry fiber. And all these fibers of course make digestion.

Apples are also present in these foods and provide a source of fiber and vitamins as well as minerals. Then blueberries and cranberries are good sources of antioxidants. Carrots themselves are the source of beta-carotene

Methionine itself is an essential amino acid that is often deliberately added to animal foods if carbohydrates and plant proteins in the diet get a higher position than meat. Its superiority can also make animal food tastes better.

This pet food also has a natural preservative that is Rosemary Extract. If you have a dog that is stingy then you should avoid rosemary ith food.

These foods also contain probiotics that can maintain the digestive health of our dog’s body. Then obtained high quality chelated minerals. It is a minera in which there is a protein that has attracted it and removing dogs is easier to digest their food.

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Earthborn Nutrition Statement

Earthtop Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM is made to meet the nutritional levels set by the American Food Association’s Food Foods (AAFCO) Food Alliance for all stages of life.

The basic figures of dry ingredients for these foods are: 42.2 percent protein; 22.2 percent fat; 2.8 percent fiber; And 23.9 percent carbohydrates.

These foods contain high protein and have a great fat presentation. The fiber content is also low and the percentage of low carbohydrate. But we believe that this is one of the best free Earthborn wheat formula.

Where can you buy Earthborn dog food?

You can buy Earthborn dog food nationwide at pet stores and at Tractor Supply Company stores. You can also buy it online from many pet food retailers.

Earthborn Dog Food Reviews
Earthborn Dog Food Reviews

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