Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – There are so many Eukanuba dog food reviews you can find out there, and these products still attract buyers. With some variants available, customers have more than enough options to select. The best key to choose the right brand of dog food is finding the one fitting your dog particular needs. Want to know more on this particular brand. Check out this information below.

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Eukanuba Dog Food Brand Overview

Paul Iams made Eukanuba brands in 1969 due to market conditions that use low quality ingredients. This homemade dog food is claimed to contain so many ingredients that are good for dogs. Eukanuba name itself means supreme. It is a term that is commonly found in jazz. The point is the hope of making it the best brands in the world. Until 2014, this brand is manufactured by Procter and Gamble. After that, this product is handled by large company in the US, namely Mars Inc.

Some people using this brand have a lot of opinions. There are many customers who give positive feedback on the products while complaints are addressed as well. The official Eukanuba website does not explain the entire details on the production process but they give 100% money back guarantee for the unsatisfied of this product.

Eukanuba Dog Food Ingredients

  1. Fresh chicken.

The use of this material makes the product an appropriate option for dogs that are very fond of meat. In order to provide this particular ingredient in the best way, the entire production process is said to be advanced. As the main ingredient, this fresh chicken contains the right formula for healthy dog food.

This is one of the best eukanuba dog food ingredients. It contains protein and energy for dogs. Besides, barley also consists of healthy carbohydrates and fiber. Nutrients in this material are simple yet it carries sufficient value for dog food.

This is a gluten-free ingredient. It contains grains like we find in corn. This ingredient is added as non-meat ingredient and it is considered acceptable and healthy for dogs as well.

Eukanuba Dog Food Controversial Ingredients

There are some ingredients of this brand that are still a matter of controversy. Some of the ingredients include:

  1. Sodium Hexametaphosphate

This ingredient is actually nice to clean tartar. However, if given excessively and in the long term, it could lead to negative effects. This should be considered especially when you look for permanent dog food.

  1. Brewers Rice

Brewers rice is generally added in other dog food brands. However, it actually is less nutritious content and it would negatively affect the dog’s health.

  1. Corn Meal

Corn meal isn’t suitable for dogs. Because dogs are carnivores, their bodies don’t do well with corn meal. In some cases, dogs can get sick after eating the product.

Eukanuba Dog Food Prices

The product consists of a lot of variants. Here’s the list of Eukanuba dog food prices:

  1. Plus Senior Eukanuba Dog Food

This type is available in two types, one of which packs 12 kg at a price of $ 129.99.

  1. Dog Eukanuba Sensitive Digestion

With the purchase of this variant that costs $ 89.00, you will get the 12.5 kg pack.

  1. Eukanuba Small Breed Adult Dog

This variant is specially great for adult dogs. This variant could be purchased on $ 38.95 price tag.

  1. Eukanuba Golden Retriever

Buy this nutrient-rich variant with $ 90.95 for a 12 kg pack.

eukanuba dog food reviews

Eukanuba Dog Food Recommended Variants

  1. Senior Eukanuba Dry Dog Food

This variant contains additional nutrients for adult dogs. With large packaging (12kg), this variant is formulated for dogs over 9 years old.

  1. Eukanuba Golden Retriever (12 Kg)

This is a special variant for golden retrievers. This variant offers protein balance while the general quality is excellent.

Eukanuba Dog Food Pros and Cons


  1. Provide a lot of variants with different pack.
  2. Easily found in reputable shops.
  3. Provide Eukanuba dog treats called Healthy Extras, which is baked biscuit.


  1. The price is a bit expensive.
  2. Contains some controversial ingredients for dogs, which can cause pain or nausea.
  3. There are a few complaints on the ingredient quality.

Eukanuba Dog Food Recalls History

2010 – Salmonella has become controversial ingredients for dogs. The first Eukanuba dog food recall happened in July 2010. Procter and Gamble Company issued an announcement that the Eukanuba product was contaminated with salmonella. Some of the products affected by the recall are the Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin, Eukanuba Pure and Eukanuba Naturally Wild.

2013 – Procter and Gamble Company re-issued an announcement regarding the content of salmonella in pet food. In this recall, there was also some Eukanuba products, one of which is Eukauba Base Dog Food Large Breed Adult Mature with 6 November 2014 expire date.

The Verdict

In general, this product is claimed to be good enough for dogs although, in fact, there are other products that are considered better. The use of fresh chicken as ingredient is a smart addition. If there are additional ingredients such as vegetables and fresh fruits, it would be better. However, this product already offers very complete variants for your dog.

Using quality ingredients is one of the best ways of getting positive feedback from customers. This brand proves that they can satisfy customers. However, there are still shortcomings in some respects. It is not easy to prove to market that this brand is the best brand. According to most Eukanuba dog food reviews, this product is highly recommended for dogs who aren’t too sensitive. Want to try?

Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews New
Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews New
Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews
Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews

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