Fromm Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Fromm Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – Experience and satisfaction are always appear in fromm dog food reviews. Years of dedication and hard works are paid off. This brand received the top rating in dog advisor: 4.5 stars. You can also see the name on the fourth position as the best dog food in 2017. The costumers who love this brand have a long list of reasons to say so.

fromm dog food review

Fromm Dog Food Brand Overview

If you want to know more about this company, then you will read about the history of a big family. Running the business for almost 170 years, Fromm family is now having the fourth and fifth generation on the deck. The main office is located in Mequon, Wisconsin. The owner is German immigrants who stay in United States and develop top quality dog food for all stages. Starting from small business, now the company achieves great reputation in international level.

Most of the people who bought this brand are satisfied with the quality of the dog food. In several cases, people end up with Fromm products as they are looking for substitute food. The previous brand they use makes the dog sick: vomiting, diarrhea, and digestion problem. After they change to Fromm brand, the dog gets better and healthier. No wonder, many of them suggested their friends to buy one, leaving remarkable reviews, and share their wonderful experience to relatives and colleagues. Just within a year, it climbs ten steps higher in the best dog food rank of Dog Digest.

The highlight of this product is fromm dog food ingredients. It shows how careful and thorough the company while formulating the products. Only the top quality and healthy components can pass.

  1. Duck Meal

It is the extract of the duck meat. Thus, it exclude the water and fat, leaving only the high protein (300%) concentration in it.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

This component includes in gluten-free diet. It has complex carbohydrates, also rich in fiber and beta carotene.

  1. Pearled Barley

It is the ingredients with fiber and moderate nutrients, providing energy for the dog.

Fromm Dog Food Controversial Ingredients

Dogs have numerous food preference and condition. Therefore, the following ingredients might be debatable for its side-effects and nutrition facts.

  1. Tomato Pomace

It contains high fiber, but reported to be the “filler” in this dog food product.

  1. Flaxseed

These ingredients are famous for its omega 3 fatty acid content, but the protein percentage (19%) makes the customer questioning the total protein of the product.

  1. Brewer Yeast

Widely used as the main ingredients for beer and known to improve dog immune system, which is doubted to be acceptable as dog food.

Fromm Dog Food Prices

The fromm dog food prices are different for each product. Do not forget the fact that the brand covers wide range of dog food for every stage.

  1. Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Dog Food

You can get this product for $100. The package is 15 kg.

  1. Fromm Four-Star Chicken with Carrots Dog Treats

Take the treats home with $ 11.96, for 8oz or 226 gram package.

  1. Fromm Puppy Gold Dry Dog Food

Feed the dog kids with the $28.95 food. The package is 33 lbs.

fromm dog food pricesfromm dog food reviews fromm dog food recalls history

Recommended Fromm Dog Food Variants

1.     Fromm Gold Duck & Chicken Pate Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

This product is great for puppies that transitioned to adult food, leaving no digestion problems.

  1. Fromm Gold Holistic Puppy Dry Dog Food

It is the perfect food for the little dogs: easy to chew and tasty.

Fromm Dog Food Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to find and purchase
  2. Affordable price
  3. Balanced and complete nutrition


  1. Various products requires more time to compare

Fromm Dog Food Recall History

2016 – The fromm dog food recall was found by the company’s independent test. Three of the canned dog food is proved to have less vitamin D than what is written in the ingredients lists. They also stated that there should be no side effect of the vitamin deficiencies except the dog takes the canned food as the main food for certain period.

The Verdict

Costumer who bought the products have less to none complaints. Years of experience may also be the further guarantee of the top quality and service. Furthermore, the company has nothing to hide; they let officials inspects the factory and ingredients. With such transparency and excellent comments, why should people refuse it?

There might be a lot of products in the stalls, copying the “natural” and “organic” words from the neighbor item. Too many false information makes the costumers sick and angry. This is where fromm brand separate itself from the others. You as the costumers will know exactly what you are feeding to your dog. Also, your dog’s condition speaks for the rest of the story. In the top page, you might find yourself writing fromm dog food review, adding the number of stars of the terrific brand.

Fromm Dog Food Prices
Fromm Dog Food Prices
Fromm Dog Food Review
Fromm Dog Food Review
Fromm Dog Food Recalls History
Fromm Dog Food Recalls History
Fromm Dog Food Reviews
Fromm Dog Food Reviews

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