Kal Kan Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Kal Kan Dog Food Reviews

Kal Kan Dog Food Ingredients

The first food stuff found in dog food we are talking about is corn. Why corn? Corn is selected because it is a cheap and easy to get cereal. Other than that wheat also has a simple energy content for a dog. Although the reason the word can not say that corn is the right component in any dog food.

The second material itself is meat and bone meal. These products include dried food products provided, containing mammalian tissue including bone. But not the network that is not eaten.

Meat and bone are selected because they have lower digestibility than other meat. Experts argue that this is influenced by lower essential amino acids than the high content of the material.

The meat used comes from a combination of pigs, sheep or goats, if there is a bad thing that is allergic to animals, it is difficult to determine what allergies occur in the animal.

Although meat is a protein-rich food but we treat this material does not include quality ingredients for our dogs.

The third foodstuff is soybean meal, the product of processed soybean oil is found in animal feed.

soybeans meal contains 48% protein, with this material can be expected to have lower biological value of meat. Food ingredients derived from soybeans are considered cheaper and can increase total protein

The fourth ingredient is wheat, wheat has the same problem with corn as it is

The fifth material is food that comes from chicken. This foodstuff is a waste from the slaughterhouses. This is made of the remaining material in the chicken pieces include organs, beaks, undeveloped eggs, feet and more.

On the bright side, meat-generated foods have nearly 300% more protein than fresh chickens. Although like that but this food is a cheap product and less good when consumed

The sixth ingredient is animal fat. Animal fat is a generic side product which uses meat foods processed by high temperatures.

But because it does not mention openly the animals used to be negative things, we think that it could be obtained from the road, cattle dead, diseased or possibly dead.

That’s why we think that animal fat as raw material is not good for raw material. Then a bad ha can also occur if this fat is preserved with a BHA that is a cancer-causing agent

The seventh ingredient is included in the list of wheat. This food is commonly called “wheat mill run”. Sounds healthy is not it? But it is important to know that this material is a grain mill and can be by-product of wheat. Of course this food is cheaper than wheat

But the nutritional content of wheat seeds is still an issue, suitable or not suitable if consumed by dogs

Then it can be said that the result of milling the wheat seed itself is dust. Usually those using dog food raw materials like this are categorized as low quality

The eighth ingredient is corn gluten. Corn gluten is the residual rubber remaining after a large amount of carbohydrate has been taken

However, corn gluten has 60% protein whose biological value is lower than that of meat.

Products derived from vegetables are usually cheaper but can increase the total protein.

After the raw materials, there is also a flavor enhancer that is salt. Salt is a flavor enhancer that is usually used for dog food. It is because sodium is an important mineral for all animals.

However, the disadvantage is that the amount of salt used for this recipe is not revealed, and this shows that it can not assess the nutritional value of this dog food.

But to be realistic, the recipes on the list do not affect product upgrades.

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There are three important exceptions for this Kal Kan Dog Food..

Firstly, we can not know the probiotics, the friendly batteries contained in these foods. This bacterium is an important thing because it affects digestion

Then the minerals used are also not suitable, because this can make them difficult to do absorbing / minerals non-chelated regularly often associated by experts with low quality dog ​​food

And the last or third of these foods contain vitamin k. Vitamin k alone can make liver toxicity, allergy and abnormal break-down of red blood cells. This is because vitamin k is not needed for dog food as AAFCO disclosed and there is a material that we ask that is the use of canine

The Bottom Line

Seen from the content alone can be concluded that Kal Kan Dog Food is a dog food quality below average

Determine the quality of the ingredients themselves need to be estimated the meat content before we determine the value

Materials used

  • Protein 23%
  • The ratio of fat to protein 40%

So protein below average, fat is also below average and carbohydrates above average.

This happens because the ingredients of gluten soybean and corn gluten

Kal Kan Dog Food Recalls History

The list included in this article we have not reported yet. And therefore there has been no withdrawal on the product

Kal Kan Dog Food Final Words

The descriptions of this article are based on views and opinions of the writer. Our dog food reviews team do not test this dog meal. The author only does this based on the information provided by the company. But our purpose is to confirm the information but we can not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Kal Kan Dog Food Reviews
Kal Kan Dog Food Reviews

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