Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – You need to read the natural balance dog food reviews to choose a high nutrition yet yummy food for the lovely dog. Your dog deserves the best food for its better health. The fresher is better; this dog food serves you with what you needs.
Natural Balance Dog Food Recalls

Natural Balance Dog Food Brand Overview

This food is one of the natural balance pet foods who established in California by Dick Van Patten. Begin in 1989; this company creates a pet food which is emphasizing on its nutrition. The dog food itself is certified and highly recommended among the US citizen.

Almost dog owner are satisfied with this food. It gives the good nutrition for the dog, besides that the company always ready to hear a complaint from the client. For the extra consultation, there are veterinarians which will guide the dog owner to find the best formula for their dog.

Natural Balance Dog Food Ingredients

Talking about formula, there are many variant that can you choose: from the dry food, wet, up to the canned food. Do not worry about the ingredients, natural balance dog food ingredients has been tested and certified.

  1. The first ingredient is chicken. You already know that chicken is good for your dog; it is tasty and has a high amino acid. It makes your dog stronger and healthier.
  2. Sweet potatoes become the second ingredients. Your dog needs vegetables and fruits, one of the things that you should add are sweet potatoes. Why? Sweet potatoes are a source of good minerals like magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium. Those minerals are needed in order to maintain the muscle, nerve, and the balance of your dog. In spite of that, it has a Beta-Carotene, the vitamin A for avoiding the hearth disease and cancer on the dog body.
  3. Brown rice is the thirds installment for you who want to apply the healthy diet for your dog. The brown rice serves the dog with the good carbohydrate and fiber to supply the energy. It also has an extra protein with the lower fat.
  4. Salmon in the other hand will give the dog Omega 3 and DHA. It has lots of benefits especially for the growth and development of the dog.

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Natural Balance Dog Food Prices

Natural balance dog food prices are depends on its variant. In the market the prize is depends on its variant.

  1. The Natural Balance Grain Free Diet Potato and Duck formula has the prize starts from $17, 99-$55, 89.
  2. The Natural Balance Tuna with Shrimp packets will you get with $26.16.
  3. The third popular is Chicken and sweet Potatoes which range from $53,39.

natural balance dog food reviews

Natural Balance Dog Food Recommended Variants

You will get many variant to choose, just choose the types of food based on your dog needs.  Here are the recommended formulas for you with its benefits.

  1. The Limited Ingredient Diets: Chicken and Sweet Potato. This dry food is good for maintain the health of your dog especially its coat and skin. It has the famous chicken and sweet potatoes in it combine with the Garbanzo beans, Pea fiber and salmon’s oil makes the food rich of protein.
  2. Delectable Delight: Choplick’n Stew. From the wet variant this formula is a good choice for you. It is best for adult dog for all the breeds. It is made with the quality ingredients like Tuna, Brown Rice, and Lamb.
  3. The Limited Ingredient Diet: Buffalo and Sweet Potato. If you want to choose the canned one, this formula will support the health of your dog especially in the digestive system. It has the buffalo meat and sweet potatoes blend well with Salmon and canola oil.

Natural Balance Dog Food Pros and Cons

This product gives lots of benefits to your dog because:

  1. It made from the fresh and tested ingredients.
  2. It comes with many variant that you can choose. Every variant has its own benefits toward the respective dog.
  3. It serves the dog with the high nutrition product without artificial things.
  4. It is certified and safely made. There are no allergy for your dog

The lacks on this Balance dog food are:

  1. The new variation of formula might not be match with the dog.
  2. The product is quite expensive because of its ingredient.

Natural Balance Dog Food Recalls History

2011 – It is seldom the natural balance dog food recall happen. The recall happen in the 2011 the factory itself made a recall for the dry dog food because the Salmonella had found in the product. There are no other recalls until this day and they make it sure that their product is in the good condition.

The Verdict

This product is safe and will boost the dog’s health. It is rather popular and has the entire ingredient that your dog needed. The company is also very responsible to take care of its product; it is prove by the recall that they made themselves for the safety.

In total, this Natural Balance dog food is highly recommended for you. Not only because it is safe but it contents the best ingredient and great taste for your dog. Natural balance dog food reviews the perfect supplement for your lovely dog.

Natural Balance Dog Food Recalls
Natural Balance Dog Food Recalls
Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews
Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews

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