Orijen Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Complete Orijen Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – Orijen dog food reviews provides the best food information for your lovely dog. Choose the award winner brand food and give it to the lovely pet. This product is popular in US, the right choice to enlighten the day. Be the best pet keeper and let the people know it.

orijen dog food ratingOrijen Dog Food Brand Overview.

Stay strong with its reputation, the Orijen product always catch the attention of American citizen and becomes very popular until today. It also comes with the program in scale of nationwide and even provides a nutritious food for dog without an owner. This company earns so much respect and positive reviews then.

Talking about Orijen product, many products will comes out as its representation. But, focus on the newest product, this brand gives you a transitional food for your dog, begin with Puppy, adult and senior dog. Orijen dog food ingredients always tastes exotic blend with the meat.

Orijen Dog Food Ingredients

  • This product serves fresh ingredients with biological appropriate ingredients. The first ingredient is the chicken. It is proceed well cooked in the stem. The free-run chicken which rises in the farm is full with nutrition for the dog.
  • The second ingredient is Freshwater fish. Fish supplies omega 3 and nutrition for the dog. The fish which well coked and steam in the 90 degrees temperature. Forming the dog diet is an easy thing to do, fish offers the nutrition in this food.
  • The third ingredients are fruit and vegetables. The vegetables and fruit like cranberries offers health for the pet especially in the urinary because the berries have antioxidants. Spinach in the food provides the vitamin K, bioflavonoid to enrich the nutrition.

There is a variety of the dog food that contains the turkey flesh. The fresh meat from the turkey comes from the turkey which is live in the habitats where it can roost and roam.  But be careful when feed the dog with it because it can cause obesity. But do not worry because in this product, the amount of turkey is highly considered for the health of the dog.

Orijed Dog Food Prices

Orijen dog food prices fits with the nutritious which lay in it. Prepare the extra pocket money for your dog; you can get the Orijen Puppy Grain food with $80, 99. The Orijen Adult Dog food starts from $26, 98, while for the Orijen Senior Grain food is cost $80, 99.

Orijed Dog Food Recommended Variants

This high protein and grain free food will give you many variants to choose.  There are foods for dog and cat as well. Dog foods have many variant such as dried food and freeze dog food. You will get 7 kinds of foods in the dried one, with Tundra as a new variant. While 3 types of freeze dog food. Here is the list of the popular variants which your dog needs:

  1. Puppy Orijen food, it has the taste if nest-laid eggs, herring, pacific salmon, fruit and vegetables. The nutrition of fish and fresh salmon is good for the growth of the new-born dog.
  2. Puppy Large dog food, the growth puppy needs a best diet. Deboned chicken, deboned walleye and chicken liver is a best food supply for the dog.
  3. Adult dog food, now your dog needs an extra nutrition to make it strong. Give them this food, mix nest eggs; chicken meat and turkey meat is perfect for maintaining the health and strength.

Pros and Cons

The Orijen dog food has pros which beneficial for the dog itself :

  1. It serves a good diet for your dog with high nutrition.
  2. This dog food contents the Biological appropriate ingredients; fresh fish is added to enrich the proteins along with the well cooked meat.
  3. The chicken and turkey meat is good for the growth of the dog.
  4. The foods is certified and proceed in the award winning kitchen, there are no chemical process intended.
  5. This food provides a continuous process with the kind of food for each state of the growth.

The cons is depends on the variety of product, you can see some of the cons here :

  1. For the Orijen Original food, that product is not good for an active dog.
  2. For the dog who has allergies, aware of the Regional Red type because it contains beef.
  3. While for the addictiveness, the Six Fish type contains a strong taste and odor that will make the dogs addicted to it.

Orijen dog food Recalls History

If we look into the history, orijen dog food recall a problem in Australia. In November 2008, it makes cats ill because of the irradiations. But the recall just happens in Australia. While in the Canada and USA, there are no such recall histories.

The Verdict

Begin in the 1985, this brand is trustable brand which meet up the pet expectation. The fresh and well-process food is which is good for the dog. Do not worry about the recall because it is just happen with the cats. Meanwhile for the best diet for the dog this product is highly recommended for you.

If you want to take care of the dog nutrition continually, just choose this brand. Besides it provides he nutrition based on the age, the diet recipe is meet the health standard. Read Orijen dog food reviews and make sure to choose it for your dog.

Orijen Dog Food Reviews
Orijen Dog Food Reviews
Orijen Dog Food Rating
Orijen Dog Food Rating

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