Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – There are so many pure balance dog food reviews over the internet. Pure balance is a well known brand that produces dog food to all over the world. Pure Balance is a private company that has vision for healthy dogs. Even so, there are some rumors about this company. Interested? Check out these complete Pure Balance dog food reviews.

pure balance dog food reviews

Pure Balance Dog Food Brand Overview

This brand was created by Mike Sagman who has doctoral background. He is personally interested in canine nutrition. This could be happened due to the death of his dog after consuming bad dog food. After that, he dedicated his life to create the best dog food so incidents like that will never be happened again. Now, his products have grown big and people worldwide have started to know his products.

If we are talking about the products, there are 3 products you are able to choose. There are wet, dry, and raw. Each product has its own uses. The products are various and most people give these products from 3 up to 5 stars. It can only mean that this product gets great response from dog owners. Even if this brand has bad products, the company is ready to replace it.

Pure Balance Dog Food Ingredients

How could such pet food get so many customers? The products from this brand have great ingredients that are useful for dogs. There are many ingredients like chicken that has a lot of protein a dog needs. There is also barley that provides carbohydrate. There is millet that contains vitamin B. There are also  other useful ingredients like beet pulp, brewers rice, chicken fat, fish meal, chicory roots, minerals and prebiotics. These ingredients are in 4 Health Dry Dog Food. It has 4 stars for the review. Different products, different ingredients; there are even salmon and buffalo as the meat ingredients.

Some products contain with dangerous ingredients which can be harmful for your dog. That’s why you should not purchase any product with pork ingredient. Pork is known to be quite a delicacy for humans, but for animals it may be a danger to be put into a food as an ingredient. Why is it? It is because there is Salmonella Bacteria in pork. If these bacteria get into your dog’s stomach, then the risk could be fatal.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Prices

The company only produces great quality of dog food. There are multiple uses of the dog food and also it makes the dog owners happy. There might be dangerous ingredients, but most of the products go well and earn 5 stars. With these quality and advantages, do you know that pure balance dog food prices are cheap and you can buy one for only $0.98 per 3.5 oz? That is the most inexpensive one while the most expensive is about $42.66 per 24 lbs.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recommended Variants

Like what has written above, there are 3 variants of wet, dry, and raw that you can choose based on the needs of your dog. Among those variants, these are the ones recommended that has 5 stars:

  • AvoDerm Grain Free: this product is produced with real meat and vegetables like carrots or potatoes. It gives your dog healthy nutrition.
  • Great Life grain Free: provides fat and protein that your dog needs in 2 flavors of chicken and salmon.
  • Foster and Smith Country Classic Dinners Dog Food: available in 2 flavors of hearty beef stew and roasted turkey-chicken stew that are rich of omega-6.
  • Stewart Raw Naturals Fresh to Home: contains inulin that also is prebiotic, this dog food is provided with lamb, turkey, and chicken flavors.

Pure Balance Dog Food Pros and Cons

Pure balance dog food ingredients may be great, but there are some recalls already. This brand produces many products and some of them are edible but yet some of them are not. Therefore, these are the pros and cons.


  • Soy, Wheat, and Corn Free in every products.
  • Many stocks available.
  • Inexpensive price.
  • Available in various kinds.


  • Unclear kind of sunflower oil that may be dangerous.
  • Corn-free is not the same as grain-free.
  • Unnoticed ingredients changes.
  • May contain Salmonella Bacteria in some products.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls History

Like what has mentioned above, some of these products got recalled by the time it is known that there are dangerous ingredients consisted in some of the dog food. The pure balance dog food recalls history started from 2009 and the last one is in 2016. The most common cause is due to Salmonella Bacteria, while some may due to possibility of choked; small pieces of plastic may have entered some products and cause dogs to get choked.

The Verdict

Even if the owner and the founder of this brand has great dedication to creating better dog food, the fact that there are some products with dangerous ingredient cannot be denied. Even so, there are some products that are still edible and loved by dogs.

Based on the pure balance dog food reviews, this product is recommended for dogs, but you as the owner need to find out what products are edible for your dogs and what isn’t

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls History
Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls History
Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews
Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

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