Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices

Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews, Recalls, and Prices 2017 – Reading Royal Canin dog food reviews will give pet owners detail information on this brand. Royal Canin is one of the most favorite dog food brands that is popular among pet owner. What makes Royal Canin special? Here is a review about Royal Canin dog food that might be important for you to know.
royal canin dog food reviews

Royal Canin Dog Food Brand Overview

Royal Canin dog food is produced by Royal Canin Association which is a global company. The headquarter is in Missouri. The founder of this company is Jean Cathary. He is a veterinarian who had a dream in making pet food company. He found Royal Canin in France, 1968. This company has an international reputation for the breeding skills. In 2008, this company earned a half billion euro for the sales outside France. By that time, the number of the employee was about 4,500 staffs.

Based on the review of the customers, many of them are satisfied with this product. Some said that it makes their dog’s coat and fur shine, luxurious, and beautiful. The others added that it also helps the digestion of their dog. Most customers give positive feedbacks on the brand products while this brand is already rated five stars. Nevertheless, not all the customers are glad with it. There are some of the customers who gave one star rating because they have specific complain on the product. They stated that after eating this product, the dog became ill and had to go to the doctor.

Royal Canin Dog Food Ingredients

This product uses over than 50 nutrients as the formula. Different from others, this product concerns with the size, age, breed, lifestyle, and specific need of the dog. The main ingredient of this product is kibble. Kibble affects the dog’s dental health, digestion, satisfaction, and palatability. The other Royal Canin dog food ingredients are chicken meal, corn gluten meal, and wheat gluten. Chicken meal contains higher protein while the corn and wheat gluten contains high digestible protein and amino acids. Those three ingredients are combined well.

Royal Canin Dog Food Prices

Royal Canin dog food prices depend on its weight. The product which is less than 3 pounds cost around $12. Meanwhile, the heavier weight will cost up to $100. You can buy it in the nearest pet shop or you can also purchase it online. You can easily find many sources that sell it online as well. If you are lucky, you can get the sale for the product.

royal canin dog food reviews 2017

Royal Canin Dog Food Recommended Variants

The variants of this product depend on the size of the dog. The variants are size health nutrition x-small and mini, medium, maxi, and giant. Let’s review one by one.

  1. X-small and mini.

It is special for extra-small dog and small dog breeds, for example Pomeranians and Toy Fox Terriers. It is formulated to fulfill the nutrition for the extra small dogs so that they can stay happy and healthy.

  1. Medium-sized dog.

This type of dog is known as the active dogs. Therefore, this variant helps the dogs to keep their healthy weight, shining coat and strong bone.

It is produced for the large breed dog which needs moderate energy to maintain healthy bone and optimal body.

This variant is for very large dogs. Giant dogs were required to work in cold climate or as a rescue dog. Therefore, they need special nutrition for that. This variant can support the healthy bone and joint for the large dogs.

Out of those variants, there is a variant which is called Royal Canin Veterinary Diet. It offers full line of dog food formulas which are provided for balancing nutrition. It has multifunction that consists of calming support, diabetes support, digestive support, food sensitivity, genetic health analysis, heart health, liver health, mobility support, recovery support, kidney health, skin support, urinary health, and weight loss support.

royal canin dog food reviews new

Royal Canin Dog Food Pros and Cons

Just like the other brands, it also has some pros and cons. The pros and cons are listed as follow.


  • The product is categorized based on the type of the dogs
  • The veterinary variant gives many health supports


  • It causes severe effects for the dogs if the dog is not suitable for the dog.
  • The price is quite expensive

Royal Canin Dog Food Recalls History

Royal Canin dog food recalls history happened at April 30, 2012 by the Food and Drug Administrator. Back before that, it is also recalled on 2007 because of the melamine scare. So, Royal Canin had to take their canned pet food product.

The Verdict

Actually, not all the customer is happy and satisfied with this brand. Therefore, it depends on your dog. To make it saver, you can buy the small amount of this product so that when you find any bad effects on your dog, you can stop buying it. On the other hand, if there is nothing wrong with it, you may choose this product as the source of nutrition for your dog. Your dog condition also matters a lot on this issue.

After all, it depends on yourself and your dog. You have to know what kind of your dog is, whether your dog is sensitive or not. As long as it works just fine on your dog without any significant issue, you can continue using this product. Hopefully, this Royal Canin dog food reviews help you in choosing the best food for your dog.

Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews New
Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews New
Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews 2017
Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews 2017
Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews
Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews

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